NFR Kelty Elite Child Carrier

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This sturdy aluminum carrier was used maybe twice and has no wear or tear and is in excellent shape! It comes with the Sun/Rain Shield but also protects against branches. I priced these on REI and the cheapest one was $160.00 and that was without sun/rain shield. I also priced these at a consignment store in Issaquah and the cheapest one they had was $100.00 once again with out the shield. We don't plan on having anymore kids in the near future so no sense keeping it.

Selling for $80.00 just in time for summer tested to carry children up to 45lbs roughly the weight of a 4 to 5year old.




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you should keep it so you can carry me around on the Rhonde when you finally make it over here :clown: :clown: :rofl:

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spanishfly said:
Sale is pending. I will update this post tomorrow if it is still available. Thanks for the interest.

If not sold, put me in line next... Baby came 6 weeks early!
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