Madison Report

Fished her memorial day weekend, the weather never got above 40, with rain/sleet/hail/snow/wind, the river was above 3000, which is is the highest in ten years, visibilty was 6" at best. Fishing, SICK, ILL. I have never been so successful fishing buggers crawdad style. I damn near spained my wrist from savage strikes. Any way, sick fishing, all fish caught between $3 and where Kirby.


i would call it drag/tight line/twitching/jumping. Damn effective. I prefer a floating line and heavy bugger/with rubberlegs/and all that jazz, as opposed to sculpins which i prefer lightly weighted with a fast sinking line.
I love that section of the river....I've been fishing it every summer for the past 10 years. I will be over there in August this year, and am hoping that the river has dropped into shape by then. Thanks for the report!
it is tough to long line this method, but you can do it after you get the basics on lockdown, it is tough to keep a long line in hydraulic waters such as the madison, but very effective once you learn to master the technique.


spent spinner
We've always called that "strymphing." It's especially effective in higher/off-color flows when the trout aren't so inclined to chase their next meal.

BTW, nice trout. And in photo IMGP0161 you're awefully damn close to "my" water.;) I've been coveting that house (only for it's location, it's ugly) ever since I watched it being built.