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What do I know---I'm just an old man

Well I/we went to the N/F this morning and had some company. There were seven of us there. Almost like a mini clave. At times it looked like we had a hog line out there All seven in a row fishing. Not catching just fishing. There was mtlhead,papa fish,old man,Whitey,Macrowdy,jbrodie,mattzoid,anhd acouple of old timers thrown in.Had a good time lots of laughs and bitching. Salmon rolling and trout surfacing but nothing happening on the end of our lines.

We were all trying something different,but nothing seemed to work. I left earily had a few things to do so I expect to hear that they cleaned up after I left. Come on guys lay it on me.



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Oh Wow! right after old man left we started catchin' em right and left....Dollies, SRC's even a few Steelies!!! It was friggin' un-real!

Exactly! un-real...because we caught nothing!

But it was a great day and I sure enjoyed meeting everyone there. No fish but plenty of flies & lies.


Old Man

Just an Old Man
What do I know---I'm just an old man

I'm going to stay away from that place for a while. I think my next trip will be the main river down by Silvana. And as low as the river is I might get out the big rig and fish for Chums.


Old Man

Just an Old Man
What do I know---I'm just an old man

I got Sunday all day.Wife's off and I also have Tuesday all day. Now all I need is a good place to go.

About the only way I'm going to get a slab on a 15' rods is to break one of my rods and add it to my 9'6" one. My answer on a spey rod is NEVER.

So let me know when we can get together. But it's not a date.



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I was thinking of hitting the main river Sunday morning, perhaps at the access just E of I-5. Might not be too bad for SRCs there either. I have to work at 10:30 so this would be an early morning affair for me. Lemme know if anyone's interested- I got my Oleander & Smolt sticker ready for easy ID. I will have the Big Iron strung up and ready for action. Never caught a chum before...could be interesting.



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Good fishing with you today. Mtlhead: sorry about your rod and getting skunked, Papafish: that was good times today huh!? Sorry you got skunked too. I will e-mail you soon and you'll have to help me get into some steelies. jbrodie: Very cool to meet you. Welcome to team rugged/team oleander. Sorry you got skunked as well. Mattzoid: Hahahahahahahahahahaha Jim's shark repelent waders were killing us today. Sorry you got skunked too. Old Man: I think you should fish from an anchored inflatable matress. I am not sorry you got skunked because you are the reason that the fishing sucked. Whitey: Sorry about all the fish you lost today. We will do something about Jim's Waders soon as we can raise the funds. As for myself: I don't know what it was but for some reason another Chum hit my size 22 BWO and I landed him on 5X. Imagine that.

MacRowdy :DUNNO
Sorry to burst your bubble Mac, but it's not considered a "hitting" when the hook gets lodged in the adapose. I would chance to guess that the teeth on those dogs are bigger than the fly you were throwing, so I doubt if you're guilty of "Flossin'" it. by the way, were you still using that "Bobber and Worm" set-up, not the #22 BWO you claim to have been fishing? :TONGUE Anyway, It was great fishin' with all you guys today and we'll have to do it again soon! It's off to the other end of the river I go next, I can hear those dogs barking in my sleep, can you?
Unfortunately, I was one of the "oldtimers" you mentioned as being at the lime quarry hole.

Don't worry about getting stickers to identify each other.

You reputation is spreading up and down the Stilly.

Old Man

Just an Old Man
What do I know---I'm just an old man

Ok,you got me one time. But I'm at a loss as to what hole is the lime quarry hole. As I fish the river too much,I don't pay attention to where I'm at. One hole is as good as the next. I was going to name that hole I was fishing in as the "no fish hole for the old man". And the one farther down "skunked again". But other than that I enjoyed my self. One more thing if you knew who we were why didn't you join us. The more the merryier.



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You boyz need to come up to the Skagit. Last Saturday brought 14 or 15 src to hand. Some in the 18"+ range. All before lunch time. :DEVIL
I'm game for the Skagit. Just a little farther for me to fish before work, but I could go on a day off. Where abouts? just a general idea so I can check distance on my map.



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Hahaha Mtlhead, you weren't even there. Just kidding dude. The whole chum thing was a joke. I din't think there was a person alive who could possibly believe that I caught a 20 pound chum on a #22 BWO. Hahahaahaa It was suppose to be funny. "bobber and worm" set up? hahaha no way dude I caught that chum on the dry. It came right up and nailed it! hahahahah



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That's exactly where I'll be headed Saturday morning. These lower sections are getting too low! and besides, I know that there are steelies in the upper sections, so I'm going lookin' fer 'em.

Hey Matt, that is an awsome picture! fish or no, it was a beautiful place to be, we are truly lucky to live and fish in such a place.

Tight loops and no wind-knots!


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The Lime Quarry is that casual lower NF put in off 127th. I think it might be the lowest access that I know of.

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