Huge King

Jerry Daschofsky

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It's the luck of the draw. Had a guide friend who had a customer in AK that was from MN. His very FIRST king was an 89# hog. It's always first timers luck. Nope, can say I've never had anything that big on a fly rod. Have had a 60ish # king on though. Know how he fealt. Can only imagine what a bigger one would be like.

o mykiss

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Interesting headline. Must have been written by a jealous bait chucker.

Kinda wish he would have let it go - would have been nice to have kept those genes in the pool. Makes the kings I've seen around here look like pipsqueaks.
Huge King - 52 lb'r!

I have fished the lower Rogue where the fish was caught. My personal best their was a little under 30 pounds. (estimated - we C & R'd)

One of my buddies landed and released a (tape measure estimate) 52 lb king a few years ago. He released the fish right in front of a jet boat full of tourists - who proceeded to go nuts with indignation. It was worth a good laugh for us!

That hole is the perfect spot to land a big king on the fly. The water is slow & deep, only a very mild current. Notice that he had a relatively light rod. With a pram and the right technique, you can get right over the top of the fish and use your boat to tire the fish out.

Quite a story!