Swap bead head swap

I'm done, but there are some minor variations in size and bead color (Sorry!). I tied a BH Chocolate Lab Stone. Yes the dubbing came from my lab. I caught some steelhead with them last Fall on the Ronde and Rogue. I also tied a Rogue River favorite called an Agent Orange. It is a PT variation that works great for SRC and steelhead. Sorry they are both Wet Side flies.
I'm going to a zipper lip location the 25th thru the 27th, hope to post some hog photos, if not will tie a nice partrige ane orange soft hackle for one (with a turkey biot for the body), still trying blend my beads, marabou, liquid lace all together. Randy Diefert has it down pat but I'm a newbie, LOL

They should sink fairly fast, fish catching I don't know (think they are pretty hardy though) Should have pinched the barb (was in a hurry trying to invent something different.)