NFR-Hood Canal Dungeness

I am not just saying this to reduce the number of people, but it was crappy to say the least. You can go to multiple forums and I am sure they will say the same thing. All I heard was people saying 4 pots all day checking and 3 keepers and they were running from 20 ft- 100 ft in an area that is usually prime over your limit in a 1-2 pulls. I hope this does not mean we will now move toward a crab season like the shrimping season. Maybe.
neighbor left 4 pots to soak 3 hrs and pulled 0 crabs just south of possesion point the other day.
he left them to soak overnight, have not heard how that worked.
lots of commercial/indian pots out there he said.
sad to hear nobody is catching any, especially since i am buying a boat this weekend and (was) looking very forward to catching some dungies for the steamer pot.
Went out yesterday and had enough time to let 2 pots soak for 2 hours, and ended up with one keeper. Nice getting out for a few hours, but guess I'll have to hit a store to make it a dinner!