New To The Salt

Hey all,

I am a newbie to the and have enjoyed reading all the posts as they have been very helpful. I ventured down to Browns point this morning, and did see what appeared to be src's hitting the surface early, I did not get a clear look but I'd say 14 to 18 inch range. i got a few hits that felt like smaller fish, but never managed a good solid hookup...
Cool, If you keep fishing that area you will definitely get some SOLID hits. The Coho run through there, and when I duck out from the jobsite Browns Point is exactly where I go. See you there.
Tom C.
Hey I have been working the beach down by the light house... Ther catching has been a little slow, but fishing is great as always.
Hey Tom,

Thats good to know it's a nice spot a bit early in the season but I have itch already... look forward to seeing you on the water.