First time flyfishing at White River

I'll be flyfishing for the first time this weekend in the Buck Creek area of Greenwater. Any advice on the White River or the small creeks there?
I'll answer my own question. How've you been? I looked you up in the profiles.
Last I heard of you you and Mark Wells were doing some duck hunting. Did you switch or do you manage to do both?? How long have you been flyfishing? Still see Mark?
I'm still in Orting. I'm also still in plumbing but joined the union & run a fab shop now. Life is good, just needs fishing in it.

Scott Salzer

previously micro brew
The reunion is October 6th, 30 years. Mark & I parted ways some time ago. We both got too busy with families and never reconnected. Don't duck hunt anymore, they raised fees, lowered bag limits and gave us fewer places to hunt. No reason to keep spending the money. I've been flyfishing about 12 years. Try to get out about every weekend. Perhaps we can hook up some time. I have some spots I like, as I'm sure you do. I have a tube and pontoon. Been mainly fishing lakes last spring and early summer - Cady, Chopaka, Black, Lenice, Nunnally. Dry Falls is on for this fall. Hit the Yak for a few hours over the weekend, low and very fishable.

See you in October???
Actually this will be the first time I've EVER been flyfishing. Over the years I managed to acumulate a couple bamboo rods and a fiberglass at garage sales etc. I've been wanting to try it out so I took one of the bamboos to the Morning Hatch in Tacoma and they ID'd it as a 5 wt. I got a reel at the Cabelas store in Dundee, MI this summer. (I got to see their store in Sydny, NE last spring on vacation and was in MI for instructor training in Aug. If you've never been to a Cabelas store you're in for a treat!) We have a cul-de-sac camping trip to Buck Creek this weekend and figured I'd better try it out. Fella at the Morning Hatch was there last weekend & said Buck Creek fished very well, 10" was a trophy size but there were plenty and they were hungry.
I hadn't made plans to go to the reunion this time. Pretty much lost touch with everyone, different paths and all that.
I would enjoy a trip with you. I'll practice not hooking anything (anyone) on the backcast this weekend and let you know if I'm safe enough to be around.

Scott Salzer

previously micro brew
I removed my share of hooks from my hand & clothing. Do you think barbless is just to make releasing fish easier? Let me know how you do. Perhaps a trip is in the future.

Dave, thanks for the info. Understand about losing touch.