Ocean Shores, WA.. Steelhead?????


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Hey I'm staying at a beach house outside of Ocean Shores the last weekend in August. My one track mind says Steelhead. Is there anything nearby that will allow me to sneak away for day?

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It's too early for steelhead around OS. It's all winter runs around there. The Humptulips is the closest. It may have chinook in it by the end of August.


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The Humptulips could be good for sea run cutthroat in August, although I've not tried it until September. If you want to chase steelhead, you can try the Wynoochee, which is and will be dead low, i.e., <300 cfs, or run up to the Quinault or Queets where there are summer runs, albeit usually few and far between.


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Are you set on freshwater? Surf perch should be available then, right? I know we used to fish from the shore with surf rods when I was little.


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Ya, I'm pretty set on fesh water. I'll try the dwindled OP Q runs. thanks guys. Any other info is welcomed through PM:D I will return the favor in my neck of the woods.:thumb: