I broke one of the air valve covers on my pontoon boat, a WaterSkeeter River Tamer. I was wondering if anyone knows where I would be able to pick up a new one. I tried e-mailing Oregon, but haven't heard back from them yet. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks kurt
Go and check out , It is the web site for one of the major watersports (Rafts, Catboats, Whitewater stuff in general) dealers. They have a large selection of valve assemblys available, and more than likely can help you out. Good luck! :THUMBSUP
I was a little hasty on my ask for help. Tim at Oregon recieved my e-mail and sent me a free replacement, even though it was my stupidity that caused the initial problem. I thought I would just pass this information along. It's good to do business with a company that will help you out when needed.

Bob Triggs

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I think AIRE co. makes those bladders and valves. Try Swiftwater in Seattle,Dana Boetcher I think ius his name. Awesome place, great guy. Best rental and guiude prices I ever saw. Has some great trips cheap too. Very experienced, safe- a whitewater pro!Deschutes, Methowe, John Day, Yakima etc.