tilton report

Bluegill kid

I may be young but I can catch fish
So a few days ago I hit the tilton with my friend,
when we first got there we started at the first bridge at the park. I was using a adams size 16 and he was using a prince nymph. we didnt have any luck down stream so we moved up into some bigger pools. that is when I saw it. there was a 12 inch rain laying on a bolder baking in the sun and still wiggleing. I asked the kid that put it there if he knew that it was still alive. he claimed that when he caught it that it was dead. so I knew there was no way that It would surive so I told him that I would kill it for him but next time he better do it himself if he decided to keep it. all the while this was going on there was a ton of bait fishers wathcing me like I was some crazy hippie. we fished the pool for a while untill we got bored and decided to move up. we found this spot where all the fish were at. it looked like there were thousands of them in the spot. it was just a slow moving part of the river. I caught 1 on a adams in a few minutes. then a hatch came on I knew it was a may fly hatch but I decided to put an EHC on instead. that was the best thing I could have done. I would cast out and wait a second untill I hooked one. these were stong 14 inch trout that made the locals look jelouse. I lost count of how many fish I caught that day but it sure was a fun day on the river.:)