St. Joe River Report (09/28/06)

My buddy and I hit the St. Joe River yesterday and I thought I'd post a report.

The weather was sunny and warm. This made for beautiful scenery, but not so good for fishing. We got to the river at 8:30 am. We fished the stretch between the 3 campgrounds above Avery. We started with nymphs, but there was no action. Things were pretty slow until about 10:30 when we started taking cutties of the top with Chernobyl ants. We tried black and brown but they were only interested in black. As the day went on, we started noticing that the trout were only rising in the shadows. We tried humpies, PMD's and BWO, but only got a few strikes by the little guys.

We left the river about 4 PM so it might have heated up towards dusk. All in all, it was a good day - as any day on the Joe is better than a day at the office.