Angling Exploration DVD


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Yeah, the DVD is awesome! Get a copy, you'll love it and hopefully TBD Vol. 2in New Zealand will be out in the not to distant future.

I don't know if you mean you can't get the trailer of the video to work or the ordering system. If you mean the trailer video, then you probably need to make sure you have the latest version of QuickTime downloaded and that should do it.

If you mean the ordering web page, I'm not sure, but someone from AEG should read this thread eventually. Most of the guys in the video check in between fishing trips. You can also pick up a copy of the Patagonia video at many of the fly shops around.

Get one, or more, you'll love it!! :cool:

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Well since you are close to Monroe, give All About The Fly a call as that's where you could possibly could pick up a copy.



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Ron has them at AATF or Jack Mitchell at The Evening Hatch, if you plan on fishing the Yak in the near future. Check with Creekside since its just down the road from Sammamish
Stores are all out (popular film it seems!) least the ones close to Sammamish. I'll have to order online assuming the sites back up.



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In my neck of the woods you could give Montana Troutfitters ( 1-800-646-7847) a call as they have some copies left and I am sure that they could put a copy in the mail for you.

#7 stock at AATF...

I did check the boys' site, and got all the way thru the order process (until they wanted a cc) - at what point did you hit the 'page not found' ??
The ordering site seems to be up and running again. Was trying to find something where I dont have wait for shipping.

Thanks for all the tips.

Just picked up the DVD. Creekside in Issaquah called me and held it for me (awesome service!).

DVD was just mind boggling. Being able to drop everything and just head out on this adventure with no inhibitions whatsoever. Of course, the rewards seemed to be just as awesome. Amazing scenery, amazing fish, amazing beach shots :)

Congrats on a movie well made! I think I'll head out to the forks tommorow and catch one of these 5 pou....ummm...5 inch fish :)