Swap Another Alaska Fly Swap

Mine are done, tied an even dozen, everyone should get two with the extras for the meister, will post a photo tommorrow. Haven't named it yet but should catch something.

Mine are tied but they are at work right now and I will not be back there till Monday at this point. I planned to send them yesterday but a trip in to the hospital and 5 hours staring at a ceiling put a end to that. I am home and ok but I can not go back to work till Monday by orders of both my bosses both the home one and my work one.
I ended up switching over to a very basic spun deer hair mini mouse since I did not have any size 10 scud hooks its not as intresting but it is a more year round AK pattern.
If you need to proceed with the swap without me I understand. I should have mailed them a few days ago but I was not even sure the swap was still on.
My flies and return postage $ went out priority mail today.

fly 1 basic mini deer hair mouse
Size 2 hook
6/0 thread
Tail grey yarn
Body spun and trimmed deer hair

fly 2 Cone head Rainbow Thorn
34007 size 1 stainless steel hook
1/4 cone head
underbody grey yarn
tail Krystal flash Silver
Body New age Candy Chenille size 2 Rainbow

Note this fly can also be done with Silver chenille instead of Rainbow chenille for the Cone head Silver Thorn.