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So, my question is this, one of the flies I have been told to take is Christmas Island Specials which generally have the eye color matching (or approximating) the body color, is that for us fishermen or for the fish? Do they really just want the eye (so, like white with a black pupil will do), or does their food source have eyes that match their body color closely? My point is that I have the godl dumbbell eyes, but htey are not painted and I"m trying to decide how they should be painted to give me the best chance of actually attracting those little buggers down there.



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the flats of christmas island are sugar, blinding, white. the flies that work there are light in color with the smallest bead chain for eyes.

the carribean flats tend to be deeper with lots of fishing from the boat and darker bottoms. you should think about taking flies which are darker than any christmas island fly would be. the crustatians which the bones are looking for tend to adapt to the bottom coloration.

not too sure dumbell eyes are necessary at all. this all depends on the depth of the water you are going to be fishing, which is the question you should ask. on christmas productive water is about mid calf!

Willie Bodger

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Good point. I do have bead chain eye flies and differing dumbbell eyes as well. I was kind of going off of one other forum member's post who just got back from Ambergris key and he had great luck with the CIS. Mostly, I'm trying to take every fly that I could possibly need and then some, so thanks for the tip on darker colors, I will defeinitely add those to my arsenal!

Hey Willie, could you post a link to the forum post please? I'm pretty sure I will be going to belize in March, and I'm starting to think about what flies to bring.

Thanks for your help


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Here is a honest-to-God blue ribbon tip for you. I was in Belize in Oct. last year. There is an internet cafe/coffee shop on Ambergris Caye. I can't remember the name of it. It is on either Front Street or Middle street downtown, and it is on the east side of the street. The owner hooks folks up with local fishing guides. Mario Graniel is the best. His prices were modest, gear was more than adequate. We were with him for 3 days, two spent fishing (one for bones, the other for tarpon, both successful), one snorkeling and diving for lobster. He also has a small tackle shop on the water on Back Street, where he keeps his boat.

I highly recommend Mario Graniel. I found him through the internet cafe, but his family has businesses across the island - construction, Graniels furniture store, etc. I am sure you can find him. I am looking for his email address and will post it when I find it. You can't go wrong it you start there, and if you don't hire him, you can get flies from him.

Google Belize +"Mario Graniel"

"Mario Graniel

Mario has been Guiding for the longest of any of our Guides , He in fact trained some of our Guides ...many years ago...Mario is probably one of the top three Fly Fishing Guides on Ambergris Caye. If you are looking for Tarpon, Bonefish or Permit ...Mario is a "Must Do" for all serious fly fishermen visiting Belize..."
In Belize a few years back in Feb we got all our bonesfish on good old Gotchas for the most part with silver chain eyes. I also did well with a tan Squimp (I think that is the name). Also got a few on Clousers when casting at some small jacks. The Turneffe crab is also useful down there in olive and bring along some Merkins for permit.


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Sounds good. Now, I would love to tie into Bones and Permit, but really I will take whatever bites (aside from mosquitoes and gators) so... Are baitfish a useful fly down there? Just needlefish (or is it candlefish?) or are there other minnow types that could be useful? And I have the floating bonefish line for my 8 wt, but how about a sinking line, is there a warm water sinking line that I should get, or just a standard sinking line OK? I know it matters for the floaters, wasn't sure about the sinkers. Thanks again for the info!



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Willie Bodger said:
And I have the floating bonefish line for my 8 wt, but how about a sinking line, is there a warm water sinking line that I should get, or just a standard sinking line OK? I know it matters for the floaters, wasn't sure about the sinkers.
Warm water lines, floating or sinking, have a stiffer core than cold water lines. The standard lines you use up here will turn to spaghetti in the tropics, especially after sitting in the sun on a hot boat deck all day.

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OK, that was kindof what I thougth, but wasn't sure about the core on sinking lines. So, next question, what subsurface line would complement a floater down in Ambergris Cay?

Floaters??? Sinkers???....Damn Willy you going fishing or are you going to take a crap???? :eek: :eek:
I would think for fishing the flats an intermediate sinking line will work for those grey ghosts!!!!!

Willie, a bottle of Tequila and a buzz bomb works for me every time. :clown:

February's not that far away is it! You're gonna have a great time.

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Oh yeah, it's gettin' close! Well, at least in relation to last March when we started talking about it... 120 more flies, finish the 9 wt (yes, Ron, still not done, but the tip does fit) and get another spool for the 8 wt...