Handle & reelseat

Charles Sullivan

ignoring Rob Allen and Generic
On Saturday I discovered that the reel seat on my 9 wt moves up to 15 degrees or so to one side. The epoxy mst have failed below it. In addition, I have a hole in my cork just above the reel seat, at the seam between the first and second cork rings.
The fix it seems to me is it take off the first and second rings, inject epoxy down from the top to stablize the reel seat and replace the cork rings. What do you all think would be the easiest way to replace the rings? Do I pre-drill the hole after glueing the 2 together, or do I glue them together on the rod. Do I cut them in half and then attach or cut a "v" out?
I've also thought of drilling into the metal reel seat and injecting epoxy that way, and then patching the cork.
Any ideas?
Is this by any chance a rod that you could send back to the rod company for free or fee service? Probably not huh? In regard to the reel seat, I've done the epoxy injection thing and it works great if you can get it where it needs to be. How about removing the butt plug and Injecting/pouring the epoxy into that area?
Without seeing your rod, I think that I would be inclined to remove both the reel seat, and the cork handle from the rear. Since this is the fat part of the taper, you will have to destroy the cork handle. Buy a new handle, ream it to fit as tight as possible, shim the blank with tape, epoxy it and be prepared to inject epoxy before installing the reel seat, then do the same with the reel seat.