YouTube: Brown Trout Eating Another Trout While Eating A Fly


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I think I've seen other links to Switchfly's videos posted, but this one is also pretty cool. The smaller fish looks about half the size of the brown that's trying to eat it. It's like the fly came free from the smaller trout and snagged the brown. Pretty cool.

This happened to me 20 years ago. A friend of mine and I went to fish around Mammoth Lakes right after graduating from high school. We were fishing on the San Joaquin near Reds Meadow / Devil's Postpile. In the early AM I hooked a 10" hatchery rainbow on a PT and out of nowhere a 25"+ brown came out and nailed the rainbow. Fought the brown for about 3 or 4 minutes before he finally gave up, just missed landing him with my net. The rainbow was DOA.

It's a harsh world out there.
That Sounds Pretty Bad A$$ (i Cant See It, Filterd On My Work Comp)
I Had A Big Ol Fatty 'bow Go After A Smaller One That I Was Fighting. It About Made Me $hit My Pants.