sage vps blanks

mike doughty

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mfoyfish said:
Does anyone know if there is anywhere that still may carry sage vps blanks? I'm looking for a 9" 4wt blank. Thanks for any info.
try madison river fishing company or the last i checked they still had some but not sure if they have what you want also check cabelas i think they still have some as well
I have a SAGE 690 VPS and it is NOT a rod I'd build again. It is no move that OK at best. It was less expensive than other SAGES at the time I bought it an rightly so IMO.

I too suggest: in Ennis, MT.

I built a 9 ft 5 wt VPS a couple years ago. My favorite rod. Light to hold and fun to cast. Would build another in a second. last I saw MRFC has them.

I really like the VPS blanks. I have a 9' #5 and a 9 1/2' #6 and they are my workhorse stillwater trout rods.
If MRFC doesn't have the #4 blank I suggest checking with every fly shop you can think of. I know there's still a few VPS's floating around in the shops in my neck of the woods.
Good luck.