Thread removed “THE POLL VOTE - THE BEST POST OF 2006”

Chris Scoones

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It may seam odd to some that I removed a recent thread with the subject “THE POLL VOTE - THE BEST POST OF 2006”. The pole contains a short list of topics discussed in 2006 which based on a few were the “BEST” on WFF. My removal of that thread is my response to the idea that a few of the items on that list should even be considered. Even as a bad joke.

It’s partly in response to the recent discussion on DD and his usage of Nailknots photo taken from the gallery. Clearly I supported Nailknot bringing the subject up given it involved member content, be it info or photos, and what WFF’s visitors should consider regarding the ownership of the content shared here. The topic went beyond acceptable when many hinted at exacting measures against DD, and basically just set upon using the WFF board to exact negative PR retribution. There can be a time for that, I guess, but the response should match the circumstance. In this case attacking an individual before they had the chance to respond offline is, IMO, in poor form. Even though the issue was pretty obvious the fact of it being deliberate and not just a really dumb mistake hadn’t been determined yet. As it turned out it was a dumb mistake.

So that thread on DD made the '06 list in some opinions eh? Okay, well you and I are pretty far apart on this. We’ll just have to leave it at Ibn, Jerry and I will continue to set the rules and direction on this board and we'll do so based on values that serve the entire board and not just a few.

In case you were wondering the photo scavenger thread by Backyard was the best thread of 2006.


Willie Bodger

Still, nothing clever to say...
And, Chris, thank you for the time and effort you put into the site and for Ibn and Jerry for their time as moderators (not to mention great posts).

The only issue I see is that Mingo's Global Warming Discussion Drink of Choice should have maybe tied for first, or perhaps his matching photo scavenger hunt post... :D

Either way, I respect and support your decsision to remove that thread.

Well said Willie!

I totally respect Chris' decision to pull the poll and do what he sees is in WFF's best interest.:thumb:

I too greatly appreciate the opportunity and experience WFF has created this past year.
It truly is a special place and way to not only enhance our on water fishing, but allow us to share with one another.
It is amazing to me, to see all the changes, new designs and features added this year by Chris.
That is a ton of work and this is not even Chris' "real job"

This past year has been the best for me personally as I've been fortunate to meet many of you and go fishing and glean some of your skill enough to catch a fish or two that would've skunkd me otherwise!

IMHO, my favorite post this past year was the "Hoh River Trust Member Challenge" where not only did the anonymous WFF member donate a generous $$ gift, but a bunch of you also rallied together to make that such a success. This really is the core and true blue color of the kind of folks we have around here, especially when we are such a polorized bunch of fishin fools!

This year (2007), it is my sincere hope that the best post is actually a decent fishing report from one of you! While I am just as guilty as the rest myself, i hope we might "loosen the drag" a click or two and see the reports and photos flow more freely in lieu of some of the nit pickin stuff that's not really called for. But we do realize the value in a good fishin buddy willing to give us a kick in the pants when we need it! right OLDMAN?!!

Again, Thanks to everyone for a great year, especially to Chris and the Mods and Sponsors who keep WFF flowing good!

Jason Decker:thumb:

btw. i may have an open seat once in a while in my DB on the yak,sky or snoqualmie for those who might like to get out!
hmm glad I found this. I just want to say thanks for your hard work and your levelheadedness on these issues! I am glad we have someone like you to police some of these posts, Much Appreciated.:beer2: