A Flyfishing Forum?

I would love to see less of the personal attacks or gang up effect seen lately. DD did something to deserve it, but most others seem useless and motivated by jealousy. If you don't like something, is it a must to jump all over someone? If a negative responce has been made, why must everyone else repeat it? Evil is evil, good is good.


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I must grant PT his point, and point out there IS a very easy answer. And one that's quite common on boards. Set up a section FOR 'nfr' posts. Call it what you want and direct/move 'non-fishing related' posts to this section of the Board.



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hey coolkyle. i did by no means mean to down the west side!! I enjoy the area very much; the very little that i get over there (about every 2 years). all i was saying is that the west side fishing stuff means nothing to me. the east side stuff is great for me. Hence the reason that i enjoy the other stuff. whens the last time someone had something on here about the east side that was fishing related? RARELY! sorry to offend if i did.
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Another vote for a purely NFR section...Fred, if I'm not mistaken they have this on UK/Fish&Fly board, right? Seems it's a better organized site and not as much catfighting to say the least. I dunno, maybe that's a British thing.


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Daryle Holmstrom said:
Holy shit fellas It's a fucking computer, I can't say shit can I, well I'll let the old man punish me.

Why would I want to do that. Hell I'm enjoying reading all of this drivel.

It don't take much to set a few of you off. Since I moved away I only read what I think that I can add to. I don't read about Places to go as I'm living at one of the places that people like to go to. Or about fishing out of the states. Or about what rod do you think is best or what reel or line or etc.,etc.,etc. The list can go on and on. This is a funny thread. NOT!!!!!!!

Jim.... the one who enjoys all of this junk. :( :( :(
Every Year the same thing.... Cabin fever starts setting in and here comes the bitching and moaning bawling: bawling: get over it and go fishing !!


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Can't wait for the rivers to clear enough to wet a line. Perhaps I'll hit Pass or Cranberry this weekend. I haven't fish either of those lakes in years. Anyone else thinking of actually doing some fishing around here?


I didn't start this topic to be a bash WFF thread. Just posted one man's opinion about the direction of the forum. I can see I'm in the minority on this and that's ok. The initial reactions were very well thought out stating it must just be that my underwear are too tight. Not the case.

Tight Lines, Dave


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sixstring said:
You're all starting to sound like a bunch of WOMEN (not that that's bad if in fact you ARE a women).

This isn't a chat room!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm new to fly fishing, Washington and this board. I came on here to LEARN ABOUT FLY FISHING, period. I need to know how to tie knots and what type of fly to use in different rivers / lakes.
Hey sixtring. I can't speak for creekside or any other flyshop local to you, but many including all about the fly in Monroe offer various "open" or "Roundtable" nights. Even if they are fly tying in nature, go, hang out. You'll learn everything you need about knots and fly selection. When the rubber meets the road, being there helps, especially with knots. P.S. do you play guitar? Me too! Ooops! Going NFR, but then again, would you rather fish with a guy who fishes and plays guitar, or just an obsessed fishing nut? How would you know if only fishing was discussed :thumb:


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You guys really need to consider something, this is a fly fishing forum. I have been here a long time and have seen this site go gradually out of control. I know criss has put a lot of work into this site in hopes that we may reap its rewards. I don't think he wants to see it go this way. I wish you guys would respect his wishes and act like adults here. Or at least avid fly fisherman.
Adding a couple of forums would be a good idea. A fishing forum should be just that. A gear oriented board (gamefishin.com) website has a "Say What!" forum for general non fishing discussions. It keeps the "Lets talk fishing" forum content just that. They also have a politics forum where those that participate can bash the hell out of each other. What I really like about this board is the rule that if you want to post a brag and don't want to tell where you caught it and what you caught it on, it has to go into the "Glory shots and Zipperlips" forum. Oh, and bitching and whining about a poster giving away your zipperlip spot in a post is not tolerated. My real gripe here (WFF)is having to sort thru all the BS posts in the fishing forum.
So, why do you come here everyday? Is it really just to find out how a particular body of water is fishing? If you got together with your buddies would you insist that you only talk about fishing?

The greatest thing this site does is create a virtual community. One that is primarily focused on fly fishing, but has the potential to inform, entertain and at times aggravate. Just like your "real" friends.

Consider some of the things we've done that are pretty NFR. Teaming up to buy Larry a dog. Matching the funds of some little girls who wanted to save the salmon. Matching a challenge grant to help save the Hoh River. Planning a get together in Bellevue and Seattle so that we could put faces to names.

We have lost some character and some characters on this board. It's because slowly they feel less and less connected to the people here not the topics. And those that are gone or come here very infrequently had a great deal of insight and knowledge that they freely passed on to others.

If you try to constrain things too much people will hang around for a while and after they have read the 1000th post on how the upper Sauk is fishing or what the best "fill in the blank" is, they will get bored and move on.

If this site is only about fishing reports then I don't really need to be here. Let's just post a big banner that says "You should have been here yesterday!" and call it good.

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If you do a little research or have been a member for a while, you might notice that once upon a time there were two additional forums to visit. One was NFR only and the other was political topics. As someone said, once you get off the main page, the interest dwindles. That's what happened to those forums. Then Chris posted the rules, made a respectful request to keep the NFR's to a minimum and be civil.

My personal opinion, an NFR every once in awhile is ok but if you really want to chat about anything and everything via pc ... there are lots of chat rooms whose only purpose is that.



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Jim Jones, well put. I think you hit the nail on the head there. I frequented the board a few years ago, there were much fewer rules, and much more camaraderie and positive information. We don't need more rules.

How about in light of the New Years, no negative feedback for one week? And, if you really feel the need, simply PM the person. Right.