Pattern info for fly recipe

Hi I am new to this site. My name is Rick. I fish for steelhead and other trout here in Michigan. On my fly rod. I am looking for a recipe to tye a black Voodoo Leech.

I have posted a photo of what it looks like, I know it is a size 2. But i am not sure of the reast of the needed materials. I saw this in the new cabelas book.

can soomone possable be able to help?

thanks a lot,
It looks like its an articulated bunny pattern to me. The body is probably black cross cut rabbit, and i believe the tail at least on the front hook is flourescent orange marabou and probably the same for the back hook, althoug it might be cross cut rabbit as well. the head is orange chenille with dumbell eyes. You can use fly line backing to join the two hooks.
Rick -
Mark is right. It is an articulated fly, meaning that there are two hooks involved (to be legal in many Washington waters, you will need to cut the front hook at the bend and just use the shank on which the body is tied), which is why it looks a bit like there are two distinct parts to the fly. The body of both parts is tied with rabbit strip (cross cut, so that when you wrap it, the hair lies down in the right direction) and marabou. The head has dumbbell weighted eyes and looks like it is wrapped figure 8 style with a flashy synthetic dubbing.

If you are new to fly tying, tying articulated leeches are a bit tough. However, bunny leeches tied on a single hook are easy and effective.