New spey rod

I saw Brett's post about his spey grip back in September here and I got inspired. Then I finally caught a winter steelhead with my Forecast 11 1/2' 6/7 wt with a sinking leader and decided I wanted a bigger spey rod to throw sink tips. I found a Sage VPS 14' 9 wt blank on sale and decided to build it.

I turned my own grips, using an improvised lathe (my drill) like others have used. It was definitely fun to do, but I have to admit, I fractured the first grip I turned while reamming it out and just couldn't get it to look good after gluing it back together so I turned a second grip.

I used Threadmaster for the first time. I liked it after I stopped messing with it too much. Many of the builders on the rodbuilding phorum talk about heating up the two parts before measuring them out, but I found my work time was very short when I did that. If I started at room temperature, the Threadmaster was a breeze to work with.

Hope you enjoy the pictures. The steelhead is the one I landed with my other spey rod. Hope to duplicate the result this weekend with the new rod.



Thanks. I turned the grip on a 1/2" threaded rod stuck in my drill, and then reamed it to fit. Fractured the first grip during reaming, so had to make a second grip. The only problem with doing it this way was the butt. I glued it on last, waiting for the reel to make sure that it balanced the rod. After I glued it on, I had to shape the the bottom piece by hand, and being it is rubberized cork, it was more work than just cork. After making that grip, I don't think I'll buy another - it was fun.

I thought about turning the grip on my rod, but was afraid to spin my rod that fast in my drill. I don't own a lathe.

Wayne Kohan said:
I did not. I like the look of it not being inletted on a spey rod.

I can often feel the same way about some single handers and I often buy flush mount seats, although they dont seem to be very popular by how few that are available.

looks good by the way
Very nicely done Wayne. It is fun to make your own, and fairly easy if you do a couple of things right. I like your jig setup to hold the threaded rod.