NFR Steelhead Diner


Stephen Mull
This and the Hoh River Trust thread are the first two I read today. What a treat. That is an awesome restaurant idea, I hope it succeeds.


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Sloan Craven said:
I don't know. I really don't see the fishing connection. And the menu doesn't look that hot. Just another casual dining place.

Perhaps you should have read the article. The owner is a fly fisherman that is at the least aware of some of the issues surrounding wild steelhead. I would think you might want to support a fellow fly fisherman.
No I just jumped to the website. I wish him luck and a long prosperous restaurant career. And tight lines..
But it's just not my type of joint.


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That kasu marinated black cod with kabocha squash is a no-brainer. For those who are uninitiated, that particular dish is extremely tasty. Visit Uwajimaya's if the restaurant price is a touch too steep. They have pre-marinated black cod and salmon you can cook at home.
My niece and her boyfriend are up visiting from California so we had to do the obligatory visit to Pike Place Market and decided to try out the Steelhead Diner.

I have to say that I really like the place. Casual, nicely appointed, cool collection of steelhead flies tied by the likes of Alec Jackson, and a big picture of the Hoh River on the wall.

The service was friendly and prompt. The menu has strong ties to the Pike Place Market which I think is cool. The food was very well done and the menu varied enough to please everyone in our party.

I got a chance to spend a few minutes talking with Chef/Owner Kevin Davis and he is a super nice guy and committed to helping in any way he can to preserve our native fisheries. He is working to create strong ties with "Long Live the Kings" and they are holding their March meeting in the restaurant.

And as Dave (ceviche) said the Kasu Black Cod is excellent. Being half Japanese I couldn't resist it and it was very well done.

If you are in the neighborhood I highly recommend stopping in for a meal and say "hi" to Kevin.

Jim Jones