Pass Lake Report / Cranberry/ Campbell

Pass Lake: Caught 1 on a small muddler stripped in slow and deep. Saw a few guys doing well with a chroni under a indicator. Also had a bite on a Zonker near the road. It was really windy and we got blown off the lake twice. PAss lake was really crowded mid day. The launch was completely full.

Cranberry Lake: We fished this lake once when pass was to windy. When we got their the water was still and their were 2 boats on the water with their electric motors. As soon as we got on the water the wind kicked up and made us move very slowly. After getting to our spot the electric motor would only work on low and we got blown back to the boat launch. We heard a guy caught 7 at the other side of the lake on a spinner.

Campbell Lake: This lake was pretty scary when we got their. The waves had whitecaps, and no one was on the water exept for this guy testing out his new jet boat he got to use in the sound. We ended up not fishing it because of the wind.


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Hows this. I have never fished Pass LAke, just swam in Cranberry and have fished Cambell from shore. But this was about 25 years ago and I was just a bait fisherman then. And yes I also struck out then .

I must be the worlds worst fisherman. bawling:


Ryan Francis

I fished Pass lake on Sunday, I was one of the guys fishing chronnies, caught
two fish, had several soft pull downs, best day in a few months, can't wait
for spring


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Two Sundays ago when the ice was still on at the launch end I managed to get out past it and caught the largest rainbow I have ever seen in that lake. I was using one of Ceviche's olive green wooly buggers fished very slow in somewhat shallow water, 10' deep maybe, targeting browns. Thought I hooked one but was shocked at the large, very strong rainbow. Little late on the report but for what its worth to folks......
I was also out at Pass on Sunday. Fished from 11am-2pm in swirling winds, basically until I couldn't feel my feet anymore. I tried chironnies for 30min or so but didn't have an anchor so holding my position wasn't really an option. Switched to dredging deep and slow and picked up three 10-18" on a standard Pass Lake fly that rhymes with Palmolive Chili:p

It was great to get the cabin fever off with a lake fix.

My daughter and I fished pass lake on sunday from 2:45 to 6:00 pm. We were striping leaches from the beach to the boat. had two nice browns on and lost em. We had alot of fish follow the fly out but not take. One of those was the biggest brown I have ever seen!! I want to catch him. Went back to the lake today the action was a lot slower must be the low pressure moving in. Only hooked one rainbow and saw no browns.