2007 Boggan's Oasis Steelhead Derby


Checked the regs and only hatchery fish can be retained for this Derby.

Would have liked to see that posted in a more prominent place, and hope that the wild fish are far upstream from the hatchery-centered fiasco that this derby will promote.

Other than that, if you want to participate in fishing for these half-frozen holdover hatchery summer fish the Have At It. :beathead:


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Preston said:
Damned bad idea, no matter how you look at it.
I pretty much agree with most everything you post Preston. If there was something positive to come from this, it might be the removal of some hatchery fish from mixing with wild fish on the spawning ground. Of course for this concept to work, someone would have to agree that there is still a genetic difference between hatchery and wild fish in the Ronde. On the other hand, someone could make the argument that the potential catch and release of wild fish may have a higher impact than leaving the hatchery fish in the river, without additional harvest. I guess it would depend on how many hatchery fish get culled and how much mortality wild fish are exposed to being caught and released.


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The guy putting this thing on is the best guide on the Ronde, Rick Hedding, and that is his site listed above, www.sts-fever.com

That guy is amazing and works his butt off to put you into fish.

At the same time, he is a teacher and gives his knowledge of the river freely

Hatchery fish v wild fish, who cares, but the wild fish do get the respect. We all look for the pulse of energy that any fish puts into our hand. Those hatchery fish make the same trip out to sea and back and at that point...feel great on a fly rod. I go for the enjoyment, the connection to the river, time with my dad, the adrenaline......and the jolt i get when i am lucky enough to hook into one of these great fish is enough for me, wild or hatchery

This derby is a good thing...trust me. Rick has the best intentions in putting this deal together, and thank him for doing so if you ever meet him