Fly tying contest


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I'm thinking D3Smartie's idea is a good one.
Another possibility would be tying patterns to represent the life cycle of a given species chosen by the mods.
For example:
a specific caddis: cased, larva, pupa (emergent/deep), adult, skating/diving (if applicable)
a specific mayfly (pmd, calibaetis, etc): nymph, emerger, dun, spinner


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i think riseforms cycle idea is AWSOME. what places could you get 1st 2cd and 3rd our more.i probaly woudnt place cause i just started but it would be a fun way to test my skills


I am down for some Judging. I like the idea of limited materials. I can't possibly pick a fly, all I use are shock and awe's. I don't know what else exists!


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we could do it were we there are four cattogories. dry emerger nymph and streamer. you then choose wich you want to contribute to and make two flys for that catergoery. im very shure i spelled some stuff wrong
Well IBN is our first judge and it is now up to him to talk Jerry and Chris into it. I have a plan put together but need to run it by them first for approval.

I would be in.

How about a size 24 parachute adams competition.:rolleyes: :rofl: :rofl:

I think categories should be similar to recent swaps. Trout dry/wet, Steelhead Summer/winter etc.

If you want more response, I'd post this over in the main forum. I Rarely visit this part.