Going to cady lake tomorrow any body fished it lately?

What type of flies should i try and how deep.What part of the
lake is best right now.My dad and i are going to use a 12 foot alumanum car topper with an electric motor.I have a full
sink fly line and a floating fly line with a removable sink tip.If
you have fished cady lake lately please give me the report you
can E-mail me if you want at ( [email protected]) THANKS. :)
cady lake

Just in case no one else answers. I'll answer. I've never fished cady lake, but I will be this weekend, or next weekend. For flys, make sure you at least have wooly buggers in assorted colors. Bring dry flys too in case of a hatch. Maybe bring some other nymphs and streamers too. I personally have not been told what to bring, but that is what I would bring. I would probably throw in some soft hackles like a yellow and partridge. Good luck! Tell us how you do, i can't wait to go there.
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cady lake

probly catch more and bigger fish at the tahuyah river mouth or at the bridge there heading towards cady and tee lake. ben