trout decline

i was wondering if anyone had kowledge of the trout fishing really slowing down due to salmon runs, ive seen my fishing severly decline the last couple weeks, i just wanted to know if it had any thing to do with the salmon running..:??

mr trout

Trevor Hutton
Well- I am no expert on this at all but I did have a talk about a related topic at the local fly shop here in Yakima. From what I understand, on the yak and other surrounding rivers, is that the smolts are causing commotion and eating every fly going over them, which is annoying the trout fishermen and the action is disturbing trout and putting them down deep, which means that the deep holes with heavily weighted flys have become a neccesity. It makes sense I guess, but those are not my words. --->(just in case you want to know- they are from Gary's Fly Shoppe in Yakima - great place-check it out sometime)hope this helps. - Trevor:9
I noticed the same thing a couple years ago. Then I ran into a guy fishing glo-bugs behind salmon reds. He'd been rocking when I'd been striking out. When I switched it was hits galore. My theory (worth .0002 cents probably) is that for once the non-picky cutthroat get spoiled on eggs and don't care about streamers or dries.

#10 hook with a little bit of egg yarn.

caddis master.....

thanx for the input fellas makes sense with what your sayin, id sure like it to change back to normal conditions, but guess ill have to wait till next year...thanx again....anybody know a good stonefly immitaion they would share.