Where you going next fall

Just put in my application for montana deer/elk combo for next year. Anyone else going there? What other state did you apply. I'm just looking forward to the 07 hunting season even though its only march. attached 06 mule deer


Charlie S

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Heading to Colorado as I do every year....keep trying to find a BIG mulie and I do get a cow elk yearly for meat. Makes some great victuals around the campfire when out fishing. I'll also get one or two blacktails here in California, along with a pig or two, so the freezer pretty well remains full.
Pigs! Did you say pigs?
I live in Washington now and have wondered about Cal pigs when I used to live in southern Oregon.
What does it take to hunt pigs there? Lic, tag, etc.

Charlie S

Confrimed Reprobate
Sorry for the delay....Biggest problem is access. You can pay to hunt and are pretty well assured of getting a shot. I use my .308 with 130 grain Triple X's and never have had a failure. I have private areas to which I have access, so picking out a fat sow is pretty easy. Once they're on the ground the work begins....there's no handles on a pig with which to drag :beathead: :beathead:

California hunting license and a pig tag. Both are getting ridiculous here. I'll gladly give up the hunting here because of all the obstacles being placed. :confused: