your fishing "focus"

I love to catch fish. I love to tie my own bugs. Nothing is better than catching a fish on a creation that I made myself and it doesn't look like the picture in the book or even a real bug. Fuzz and feathers on a hook. "Focus Grasshopper"
This is fun. It really started me thinking. Since I have not been fly fishing all that long my focus was just getting the fly in the water instead of the bushes behind me. Then I moved to actually catching fish. The next step was just looking at the water and being able to read it. In the last two years I have really found out it is a lot of fun to show really new people how to do the same things on what I call my home water in Montana. Lots of times I will be walking by someone that is obviously new. I like to stop and see if they would like some ideas or pointers. If they say yes I will usually put down my rod and spend some time with them. I have met some really great people doing just that. It is not that I know alot but I have a pretty good understanding of my river and I like sharing some of it to see new people get excited over fly fishing.


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My biggest shift in focus has been, becoming decent, then becoming good, then teaching others to be decent and now were working on getting others to that level of being self proficient. The biggest thing for me was since I picked it up my dad has become more involved in the hunting thing, and less with the fishing and it has been the opposite for me, I didnt have a teacher after I got decent. So for a long time I learned everything on my own and flew solo on almost all my fishing adventures. What is awsome is I have two people now, who I enjoy spending time with fishing or not, that are showing interest in the sport. And my cousin, who is the most enthusiastic about it, is picking it up at 18 a whole hellofa lot quicker than I ever did, and to be able to show him the little things that he may not have had the chance to see other wise is so frickin rad.
I think that something that has crept up on me is the desire to become a better naturalist. At first, I wanted to learn about the different fish and how to catch 'em. To do that effectively, I realized I needed to learn something about their taxonomy and ecology and behavior and what they eat and when, which led to the taxonomy and ecology and behavior of what they eat, which led to tying my own flies, which meant learning about the differences in hair and feathers and why types of hair and feathers are different (which comes back again to the taxonomy, ecology, and behavior of mammals and birds!). Lately, just learning more about the natural history of fly fishing has become a focus in itself.
I’ve been trying to relax and enjoy my time out on the water more.
Right now, I’m learning all I can about tropical saltwater fishing.

I haven’t read anything about taking bonefish on dry’s yet though. :p
We’ll see how this turns out in the summer.

Also, I’ve tried to keep the negative people I come into contact with down to a minimum. People who close you off to different techniques and methods really bum me out.
Why not open yourself up to new experiences. Different people enjoy different things.

If it’s not breaking the law or hurting anyone then use the method you most enjoy.
At the end of the day, you are the only one it will really matter to anyways.



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Currently obsessed with the grand prize, le Grande Fromage, the Bee's Knees of fishing...The ability to fish every type of water with every variety of technique, with one rod and one line.

Sure, it's a bit rough...but it's fun as hell. Kinda like learning to have sex while standing up in a hammock.


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Donny, you're out of your element...
I like to write and fish. Not at the same time mind you. Folks who understand fishing are fun to write about and for. They're often obsessed, with fish, with rivers, with saltwater. Behind every obsession is some bigger, better story.


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im all about the beauty, i love the veiws from small mountain creeks, and i love the little fish like westslope cutys, or grayling, brook trout too. im not into the larger salmoniods like salmon. spey casting is a little to clunky for me,(im not degradeing it) but it reminds me of gear fishing.