Rod Building Experiences

Just comleted my third build pictured in attachment along with second.

One is a Five rivers Sig V 7wt. It was my first attempt at inlay work thanks to help from forum members.
The second (the bottom one in photo) is a Rainshadow RX7 4wt. I made an attempt at turning my own cork. I improved my fixturing for turning, and will send photos of that when I have it cleaned up a little. The inlay on the rods are both hackle feathers.

I already caught a Cuttbow on the 4wt. It was real cool. About 12-13 inch fish. Good for the section of river I was fishing.

Yeah, I am not there yet with the wraps. I am learning a lot about thread quality and coatings. I built my grip lathe over this weekend. I will take some pictures after I have tested it.

I am waiting for another blank to show up. Going to build another Rainshadow 4 wt. I have been catching lot's of trout on the last one I built.


I'd certainly like to see pictures of your grip lathe. I am thinking about building one, rather than buying the couple I have seen on the market.

I see you're in Divide. I recently moved out to WA from Basalt. I miss the rivers and the mountains back there. I miss the camaraderie of the fly fishers back there.

Take care,
Hello Keith,

Talk about trout mecca, the Pan, Fork, Taylor, I am new to the area but last summer I did a river research trip and fished Spring, Taylor, Gunnison, in Co. Then did the Sevier, Green, and some other Utah waters. We were most impressed with the Taylor, at near the confluence with the Spring, the water was flowing really high but was still one of the most memorable experiences we have had, my son caught lots of Cut's and Browns, and as a result caught the fishing bug.

I would be happy to send you some photos, of the lathe fixture I made it's incredibly simple, I'm kind of a fixturing guy in the engineering world so this was fun. It will work with any cordless or other 3/8 drive drill.

I am travelling for my business right now but when I get home tomorrow I will snap some pictures.

I am including a recent one of my home river, The South Platte at 11 mile Canyon.