Me and a buddie are heading out to a lake that is suppose to hold a good crappie population so that's what we are going after, i have never fished specificly for crappy so i was wondering if any one could give any info on a pattern or two that works well. Thanks!


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small BH wooy buggers in black, while, yellow, brown. Small bait fish imitations.

Fish with a slow strip pause retreive. hit tight to the cover. look for surface dimpling and bait fish jumping\moving.

Fishing at first and last light can be best. if no luck in the shallows, look deeper - like along drop offs and other deeper stucture.

you can take them on the surface too, but this is a little early in the year for crappie in general - so you'll probably have to work for them.


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My father always used white or yellow buggers, but he also liked minnows which seemed to work well for him cuz he would catch a big mess of them... (no limits here so we had gobs of them)...

He always looked for fallen trees, under bridges, or shaded areas and did best in the late afternoon to evening...

He has fished in places I haven't been, so I got this from him, and he used to be very successful... He's having a good day today and able to remember...

Hope this helps and good fishing my friend! :beer2:
My Best pattern for Crappie is an old steelhead, sea run cutthroat pattern. {Wet Spider} It has a yellow chenille body, mallard flank hackle tied like a beard below and above, yellow saddle for a tail. Must look like a little minnow or something, those crappie go crazy over those things.

Wooley Buggers are okay also: Black, white, yellow, will all work.



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Recently did quite well on a bead headed olive Carey Special. Caught some bluegill on the same pattern. Won't be too long when poppers will work for both.
Ive had the most luck with crappies using white crappie killers. Its a fly i made up that consist of a white chenille body, elk hair tail (flared out), and a bunch of white rubber legs.


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If you're going to where I think you might be going, (local lake just up and off the major east-west hiway), about straight across from the launch, maybe a 100 feet or so off shore, try all of the stuff mentioned above. Might be a little early, but in a few weeks they'll be schooling up before the spawn.


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I caught a few on a small (sz. 12) brown wooley bugger. Another one that did really good and is easy to tie was like a partridge and orange soft hackle. Just like any other fish, bright day bright fly, dark day dark fly.