First Time To Rocky Ford

Me and two buddies are heading to the rocky ford for the first time. We're headin over one of the first two weekends in february. I searched the archives and found a ton of info about which flies work, etc. I was wondering if anyone has any advice for this particular time of year. As well as if any of you will be over there, maybe you can show us rookies how its done at the ford!


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Pat, these gentlmen would like to inquire from the new born Rocky Ford sage. Would you be so kind as to shed a little light on the subject for them?



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Hey gents... two words for you = weighted scuds!! Use some 4x -5x tippet with total leader length around 10ft or so. The scuds should be size 12 or 14 and olive in color. I have been catching these hogs anywhere from 4 feet off shoreline to 20 or so feet out. I will not give away my "hot spot" on the Ford but basically this technique works on the slower moving waters where you can get your scud down to the bottom. Watch and observe the natural underwater bug life and make your scud imitate these bugs....this is how I have been catching them, while most are being skunked.

What day/days are you heading over?? I think we are going again, depending on what Roper has up his sleeve and wether or not Mac gets permission from his parents??

Send a private message if you want to hook up to do some fishing over their, or maybe for a beer afterwards???
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. . . and if the scuds don't work, try the black Marabou leech size 12 - slow and deep. This is a good time of the year to fish the Ford.



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I've got plenty up my sleeve, but it's gotta be Team Rugged this time, no Best Western.
Mac, are you up for another trip??? I'll bring Patrick his new toys if he's a good boy!

First weekend is looking good...

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Figured out when you guys are gonna be there? A guy from my group cant get next weekend off so we're gonna be there the 7, 8, and 9. Im lookin forward to hookin in with some of them RBs i keep hearin about!


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It's just like everyone says, olive scuds and WB's. Other than that, its time on the water. It takes patience most days at the Rock but it will pay off. Just keep fishing the same basic flies that are proven to work to the same fish. If you see fish that are feeding don't go any where else. You might not catch them at first but if you keep trying and present the same flies in different ways, you WILL.
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