Lakes around Salmon La Sac (Cooper etc)

We are staying around Cle Elum in June and my in laws are joining us. We will try to take my Father in Law ( 81 years old ) and my mother in law on a float tube & pontoon boat trip. My father in law took flyfishing lessons and then bought a pontoon boat and his wife wants to join us in float tubes on a lake.

Does anyone know any lakes that we can drive to ( no hiking ) that is pretty and might give them a chance to troll some flies with some success? I've seen signs to Cooper lake, but have never been there. Has anyone fished that lake or any others in the area? Any suggestions are welcome.

Thanks to all
Lakes arounnd Salmon La Sac (cooper etc)

Cooper Lake has brown, rainbows, and i dunno if it holds cutts or brookies. Some of the browns can get to good sizes, if i remember correctly theres some pictures of cooper lake browns in the photo gallery. Theres no motors allowed on that lake, not even electric, and you have to walk a hundred feet or so to get to the shore. It also has a pretty nice campground there.
Lakes arounnd Salmon La Sac (cooper etc)

I have camped at Cooper a few times. I haven't actually fished it, but I have seen others fishing and talked to them afterward. I don't think there are huge numbers, but some nice sized fish.
Lakes arounnd Salmon La Sac (cooper etc)

I second Rory's recommendation of Cooper Lake. It's a beautiful lake in a beautiful setting. The absense of motorboats is a plus. In June, try fishing near the inlet or outlet.
Lakes arounnd Salmon La Sac (cooper etc)

Cooper would be a good choice. I fished the river and lake many times and have caught browns, rainbow, cuthroat and brookies. I have never fished from a boat or tube, but have had a lot of luck from the shore.
Try Tucqualah(fish) lake.When you get to the Salmon La Sac Ranger station take the road to the right.This road goes uphill and skirts the Cle Elum river to the end , about 12-14 miles. This lake is really a wide flat channeled area of the river but has plenty of very slow moving water with lots of cover for the fish.If you feel like it you can hike an easy flat mile to Hyas lake from the roads end.
Thanks again to everyone who helped with sugestions. I fished Cooper Lake for the first time today. My partner and I today did not do well. We fished for a few hours with a variety of lines ( diff sink rates ) and different flies. I will take my wife, mother in law, and my 81 year old father in law. This is their first float tube trip and could now use some ideas in regard to what flies to try. Also where should we go from the boat launch.

thanks again,
I'll send you all a report.
We are going on Tuesday!
Thanks Greg,
I did not try a damsel. I thought about that and maybe a water boatman. I think I will try both of those on Tuesday. I'll let you know how I do.

thanks again
There is good fishing at the upper end of the lake. My avatar is cooper lake, the spot I am talking about is directly behind me. I used a small black leech with two strands of gold mylar tinsel running the entire length of the fly and a small gold beadhead. Also I heard some of the best fishing is at night.

Good Luck!
Cooper lake is indeed in a beautiful setting, I can't remember fishing there. I fished Pete Lake around 1972, it is an easy hike. Try the end of Lake Cle Elum, also. Lots of gold in the Cle Elum River, if your into gold panning.
I have never trolled the lake nor have I used streamers. I have always cast from shore with dry (large caddis) and a bead head nymph as a dropper (I have had success on many different types). If you are in a boat cast towards shore with the above set up and you should catch some fish. I have caught rainbow, cutthroat and browns this way in the past. With the limited back-casting room I did not get my line out very far, but still had success. Good luck and have fun!