The Deleted Post regarding the new $5 Fee at pass Lake.

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Some of you have voiced some concern over my deleting the post. I did that because it was, in my moderator's opinion, getting off on a negative direction without really maintaining a connection to the issue at hand.I am suggesting here that perhaps we could look into some possibilities regarding the Pass lake fee. Maybe people could make some constructive suggestions for practical and legal ways to deal with the problem. Maybe a letter writing campaign, maybe looking into alternatives that would benefit the area, perhaps a group adopting the ramp and it's maintainence in trade for the access fee being dropped? There's many other possibilities Im sure. As long as we stick to the core issues that's great. When it drifts into a peeing contest about politics and how to blow up or steal the fee box, or what kind of car someone drives; I'll close it again.maybe we can find a constructive and positive solution to the issue. That will take more than complaining here,blameing, name calling etc. I encourage a thoughtful exploration of this because it's not going to go away anywhere we have public access- it's only going to increase.
One of the worst things about living inWashington state is the fees.

I just found out that the city of Redmond is going to charge for parking at Marymoore park.

To park alongside the roads of I-90 you must have a snopark pass. To park anywhere in the Snoqualmie, Mt Baker or Alpine Lakes wilderness area you need a Northwest Forest Pass. You need a Stewardship decal to park just to go fishing. Lucky for us the Stewardship decal is free with your fishing license. Lets not forget that our residential license for Washington is one of the most expensive. For some areas that are not parking for fishing such as the Frenchman's Coulee in Vantage, you still need a stewardship Decal.

To access Werhauser's private North Fork of the Snoqualmie access areas, you need the Permit

To enter Olympic National Park or Mt Rainier National park, you need a National Park pass or pay for a daily use.
To enter the Enchantments, Ozette, Mt St Helens, or other specific wilderness areas you need a permit for access. You also must pay for a daily overnight stay.

There is a new parking fee that has been introduced and discounted until 2006. Here is the link--->

This is their reasoning--->

Now why do we pay taxes? It seems like us as citizens have brought it on ourselves. Why do we not veto these fees? I don't understand why everyone is okay with these fees considering we have had the same lands for a hundred years and everyone has been hiking and fishing the same areas for years. The only change is that in some more easily accessed or popular destinations there has been a rise in useage. We can limit the usage without having to charge anyone anything. Just don't let so many people access the lands!

It is also unfair for people who do not have an income level to support all of the fees. An example is the younger population. Kids from 16 to 25 are almost all in poverty status because they are either trying to build their income or attend schooling for their career.

This type of fee program is simply not fair.

When we do create inititives to veto the fees, they close the parks down. They did this a few years ago when they were whining about their funding or the lack of.

We must stop the madness.


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Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the $5 fee in place at all the state parks? There is a box at Flaming Geyser, Joemma and Kopachuck that I know of, because I've paid.

I'm fairly certain, that like the Boldt decision, it's a done deal and the time to do anything is long past. The problem is in the cutting of the state park's budget, which has to do with a lot more than our fishing.

What an issue! It seems to me that in a way, the voters of Washington have brought this on our selves. With the tax cutting initiatives that we have voted into law, the state's budget is shrinking, and the legislature is having to make some tough decisions. Tim Eyman may be on track, maybe government does waste too much money, and the only way we can get them to cut back is to pass his initiatives. I am a little uncomfortable with this theory though. I would be much more comfortable if someone would say "look here is the waste, lets mandate that the government become more efficient in X way, and then pass on the tax savings." What do we really know about what it takes to operate a government? I like saving taxes like the next guy, but I also feel fortunate to live in one of the least taxed contries in the world. It seems like the state is making its parks pay for play, and while this is unpallatable, at least the unfortunate person who never has an opportunity to enjoy the parks doesn't have to pay for the parks.

The Deleted Post regarding the new $5 Fee at pass L...

I have proposed this suggestion to another group that I hang out with...climbers. We are feeling the same effects that you guys are feeling. I say this cause I climb a hell of a lot more than I fish.
Suggestion: All outdoor user groups should join hands and fight this fee crap. But therein lies the problem. The different user groups hate each other. I told the climbers that to win a war sometimes we need to sleep with the enemy of the enemy. Look at this web site and see the last statement made by a moderator
I just don't understand it. We can work together to save what we have. Just because we join hands with a group that does not meet our "standards" does not mean that we will be sharing the original area with that group. WE JOIN TOGETHER TO SAVE WHAT WE CURRENTLY HAVE. The 4x4 groups don't what certain hiking areas because they are either too steep or too boggy. Unless we are willing to operate together we will lose. :professor
The Deleted Post regarding the new $5 Fee at pass L...

Naw, the feds stated this a few years back with the forest service trail head park pass, then the pass to park at certain state "wilderness" sites for hunters and fishers. etc. It has started snowballing because the common citizen sat back and did not complain. We took in in the shorts. Now it is starting to really hit the pocket. Example this year if I want to climb, hike, fish, etc(throw in volcano climbing special fee there too) It will cost me about 150 dollars for all the special fees and stickers. Hell, my truck will look like one of those cars that get paid for displaying ads.
Sisu, its what America needs::reallymad :beathead :bawling