Any Sauk Steelhead?

Anyone have any luck on the Sauk this weekend? I was fishing below Sauk Valley Road bridge at a few spots. River seemed like it was in good shape, but didn't get a bump.

Do you ever see signs of the steelies being there on the Sauk? I have fished other rivers for steelhead where you look for activity like fish rolling.


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I was up that way sunday morning early. Fished above white creek then down below the creek no fish. Talked to the guy who was fishing down below the creek he didn't feel any fish either. Thought I'd go upstream and try. Needed reservations, and it looked like take a number for your turn. Lots of people fishing, didn't hear of any catching. Don't go on the weekend.
last wednesday myself and Mulligan witnessed a 12-15 lbs slab landed by a spey rod on the sauk:) wasnt my spey rod:( wasnt his either:) j/k, always good to see tho. so yes there are fish in, i think you just got the tail end of a low flow, cuz we fished it at 5K cfs, i think it was somewhere around 2-3kcfs? i m headin back this week.
That was my first day on the Sauk - actually first day fishing at all in Washington. But I closed on my house today, so I see many more days in my future. It definitely was crowded, but I expected that with the weekend and the river being so close to Seattle.

I looked up the flows and one site said 1000cfs, but I'm not sure what location that was.

From what I understand, visibility can be very poor on the Sauk. Sunday it seemed to be in good shape with at least 3ft vis.

I am going to keep trying until I get one there - I don't give up easily. Do the regs change on the Sauk after the 30th?


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There's two stations on the Sauk, one is by the mouth of the Whitechuck river, which is up above Darrington. That one always reads a lower cfs. The other is down lower, about where you were fishing. That one is by Sauk, not really a town just a bunch of trailers, and riverfront properties. A good reference for Sauk would be that place on the road that has the fence around his place built out of cordwood. Anytime the Sauk station is reading 4000cfs or lower is good.
, but I expected that with...the river being so close to Seattle.
:eek: Astonishing!

FYI, there are rivers much closer to you that can have fishing that is just as good if not better, they just aren't open right now.

I haven't fished steelhead in a month. This time of year the Skagit system gets so much pressure it is nuts. I saw what seemd to be over 100 boats a couple weeks ago and people at every pullout and more Idaho, Cali., Oregon, and Montana license plates than ever before. It makes me sad and not knowing what to do :confused: WE NEED MORE C&R FISHERIES OPEN THIS TIME OF YEAR!

Oh and welcome to Washington Chris! I mean that for real, in a couple years you will feel the same as me when the population doubles again ;) This weekend I'll see you all at the pub :beer2: because I got the steelhead blues. :(
In the steelhead river I mostly fished in California, we would always find a spot that had no cars. I know I hate it when there is a whole wide open river and someone steps up right below me as I'm working downstream, so I try to keep that in mind when I choose a spot.

That was certainly not an option on the Sauk. The spot I finally chose had more cars in it when I pulled in then it had the previous two times I drove past. Turned out OK though. I think most of the cars were doing a car shuttle and there was enough space for the three of us waders.

None of the guys I talked to had any luck.

Are there no opportunities for Steelhead after the 30th? What do you do if you don't fish stillwater? Other than got to the pub? I've got limited days of freedom up here before my wife and kids arrive - I need to make the most of the fishing opportunuites while they last.
If you want to find some solitude on the Sauk, don't use a trailhead/parking area where you can see the run from the truck...there are lots of places to get on the water, and if they take more than five minutes to walk to the crowds will thin to virtually nothing except the occasional boater coming by...

Same story, different river...90% of the anglers are fishing within five or seven minutes of their vehicle...the open stretch of river is 18 miles long, and I float the whole thing a few times every week...the areas with bank anglers standing in them probably total less than 4 or 5 miles of the entire river, and that leaves at least ten miles of open river at any given time.

Fish on...

thanks - I plan on doing some more exploring in the future. But Sunday was my first day up there and I was armed with ZERO information about the river. So I was sticking to places where I could see the access.

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There were only three trailers at the Suiattle launch this morning. River was perfect:) The fish are there and they will bite. I heard of several fly caught fish this weekend and some big ones landed by some dude drift fishing pink worms!