Wa F/F.com Booth @ the Sportman Show?

Hey Chris,
What do you think about getting a booth for the show? Well a little to late for the Puyallup but there the one at the Seahawk Exhibition Center Mar 13-16 and the 1st Anual F/F'ing Show in Bellevue Feb 22 and 23. Maybe one of your/our sponsors would be willing to give us some space at their booth. Hill's was at the show last year and I got a chance to meet the man himself, nice guy, very friendly and helpful! Could give out some of those new stickers and sell some hats. Get some new folks interested in the web board. I sure we could get some volunteers to help out, I for one! Talking about fishing is almost as much fun as fishing, well maybe not quite!!! haha Anyway just a thought, what'ya think?
Jim J




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Team Rugged Booth @ the Sportman Show

As soon as we get confirmation from Best Western, we will make an announcement about the Team Rugged booth...


I think you ought to know that those booths run something like $695.00 which doesn't include a bunch of fees (like union guys to put down "new" carpeting in your booth, etc, table rental 150.00..) Your asking Chris to put up just short of $1K so that you can meet him..

Hey, I've got a better idea. In the next week or so, Chris will officially become a member of the Yakima River Fly Fishers. We're sharing a booth at "The Fly Fishing Show" at Meydenbaur Center, Bellevue on 2/22-23. Chris, you're welcome to hang out at my booth (duh, he's a member) free of charge and you guys are all welcome to meet him then. Sound good? Everybody, just be sure to bring a screen shot of this site's homepage so that Chris can autograph it for you.


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Please read my post again, carefully. I didn't ask Chris to spend a dime and I have already met him and fished with him. I wasn't talking about him even though it does apply. I was refering to Jim Hill of Hill's Fly Shop. It was just an idea to try and get some exposure to the web board. We have several sponsor's here and I would think it to be in their best interest to help us advertise. As to sharing your booth space, great idea. But doesn't that distract from why your having a booth for Yakima River Fly Fishers? Who's paying for the booth? A sponsor? As long as they don't mind. I'm sure it would be a lot of fun. I will be there for sure, can't wait, 26 days till showtime.
Jim J
Team Rugged Booth @ the Sportman Show

With no Best Western in Bellevue, you jokers might have to really rough it and stay at a Red Lion.



Can't speak for the others but it is my understanding that the Bellevue show is full and has been for some time. The cost is around $700 plus some other costs on top of that.

Chris Scoones

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Nice idea. I'll talk it over with Jim. Additionally, I plan to be at the YRFF's spot as well. If only to be around to BS. Hopefully the hats will be done in time. ;)