Returned 2 weeks ago from a week at Punta Allen, 4+ hours south of Cancun, stayed at Cuzan Guest House, altho spent considerable time at Palometa Club just down the street. Owners are great folks!
Wind was nasty first 4 days, then calm for one day, then wind again.
Bonefish were plentiful but small, caught my first permit, 25+ lbs and almost 2 hours to boat, photo attached, caught my first baby tarpon, actually 3 in about a half hour but didn't boat any of them 'cause used narrow gap hooks...dumb!
Cast to BIG barracudas, with some trepidation, thinking "What am I going to do with that when I'm in the water with it!!". Also cast to small sharks and jacks.
Only my second trip to tropics for fishing but it will not be my last. Plotting how to get a house pass to the Seychelles.