Favorite (swinging) Inland Steelhead patterns??


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.....Clearwater, Snake, Ronde, etc..

This isn't a, "The pattern doesn't matter, it's whether the fish are playing" post. I'm just interested in what you guys like. I know one fella on this board has great success with small- low profile hairwings, while others are consistant with big marabous. What do you like? I personally rotate between an orange (sunkist), freight train or coal car, GBS, and Purple peril, which I've replaced with Poppy's street walker.

I know it's early, but humor me.:D
The rivers have been open for trout for a week and all you can think about are STEELHEAD you got it bad.:beathead: :beathead:
My fav is a black crystal bugger lots of silver flash in the tail on a 6 3x hook.


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All I can ever think about is steelhead. I'm caught in a sick web of loving where I live, and living away from what I love.
We've had good fishing on mentioned rivers the past few years with a fly (not sure the name) that many shops in the area seem to carry. Size 4, purple feather collar, purple ice type dubbed and teased-out body with a silver tinsel wrap, "wing" and "tail" are made of pink rubber-leg material-2 strands for tail, 4 strands for the wing. The fly was fishing well enough that our guide kept slipping it into HIS box upon a fly change-got to be a running joke.

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I've had good luck on a couple different flies. Cant beat an old fashioned Max Canyon, also a fly called a prism is a really nice little buggy guy that has brought multiple fish to the fly in one run for me. I also have consistent success on a fly called a blue max, which has orange thread ribbed with gold lagartun tinsel on the back half, then half the body is dubbed with kingfisher blue (either angora or synthetic seal) throw on a webby kingfisher blue hackle and an orange kid goat wing and it is deadly. I tie it on a 3 and 5 AJ low water. Also a fly called a night dancer tied as small as #10 has produced obscenely well for me.

PS- I feel you pain on living away from great fishing. try living in Iowa for a year, you may consider suicide. The steelhead bug sure does bite hard though


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All I can ever think about is steelhead. I'm caught in a sick web of loving where I live, and living away from what I love.
I know what ya mean.....I get to live 5 minnutes from some of the best trout fishing in the country. People think I am nuts when I start thinking steelhead when we have salmon flies coming off..Oh well, like the man said "If you can't be with the one you love, love the one your with".

Ya can't go wrong with any thing in purple, blue, black, orange. Just mix and match!!:beer2:


Muddler minnow and popsicle. Have had success with October caddis and hares ear nymph as well.


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Purple peril, GBS, and a purple/black guniea spey have all been good for me the past few years. I also skate a lot of dries. Steelhead caddis, wogs, and after-dinner mints :)


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OK, but just for humor's sake. My number one go to inland summer steelhead fly is a Spade, size 6. My number two fly is a Spade, size 8. My number three fly is a Spade, size 4. I don't carry any other wet flies in my inland summer steelhead box. I have some non-descript hairwings that I grease to skate, but that's a different box and technique.


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Funny thing is, he fishes just about the same thing in the winter... It's pink Chennile, with a few wraps of red hackle... Me thinks it's related to a lack of manual dexterity due to his being drunk off his steelhead high all the time :)