Creek Company 714 SUB-anybody have one?



The Creek Company's web page is showing a new U-type boat with small oars and a footbar. This boat is 7' long and appears to hold your butt completely out of the water. It looks kinda like a U-Boat on steroids. At only $150 it is very reasonably priced but how good is it? Has anybody seen or used one? I would be interested in a report if so. Any other butt-out-of-the-water units that you can strongly recommend? Ive

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I used to know it all---but now that I'm older I seem to forget it all.

When you go to the Creek co. web site, look up the dealers page and you will find a dealer near you or far away as you seem to live in the boonies. I have seen one of these thing's in person and am drooling to get one. But car repairs have just about eaten me out of house and home. Jerry's Surplus in Everett has one of them put together and hanging on the wall. They come with a complete package. Oars,pump,and only weight in at 20 lbs with the oars.

Right now I have a pontoon boat for lakes and I think that this boat looks like it would be a whole lot better. Heck they also have a pontoon boat for under $250.00. For what I gave for a Buck's Bags pontoon boat(Alpine) I could of got the Sub714 and that pontoon boat and still had change left.


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That looks like a great deal. The reviews sound good. I would love to hear from someone on the board who has used it, too.

My brother and I each bought one (mine was ostensibly for my wife so she could keep up with me when I was in my tube). I used mine on several lakes and once on the salt down by the Nisqually in December. I have rowed it more than a mile(each way) to get to where the 5 pound brook trout were supposed to be hanging out. It inflates with a double action pump, rows nice, keeps your tail out of the water, can be operated with fins (a real plus in my book) and can't be beat for the price.

My brother thinks it will work for some moving water-perhaps easy class II but certainly nothing more rigorous than that unless you have a death wish.

Long answer for a pretty cool boat.