Looking for a clear type 2 sinking fly line.


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I want to buy a clear camo type 2 sinking fly line and I was wondering if anyone out there could recomend a certain brand and a place were I can find that line for $50.00 dollars or less.


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Don't you mean an Intermediate line, not a type 2?

I would probably check eBay. And you know that only Cortland makes the clear camo line, right?



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I knew cortland made a clear fly line but didn't know they were the only one that makes them. As for your advise about ebay I will definately check that out. An intermediate will be fine I just wants something that sinks at a moderate rate. Thanks



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I have an intermediate Cortland Camo, it is one of my favorite lines for lots of reasons. Lines can be expensive, but with care will last for years. That breaks down to pennies per cast.


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Cortland makes both clear and camouflage Type 1 (intermediate sink) lines. SA makes clear intermediate lines (Stillwater series?). You can attach backing and leader butt to the Cortland lines with a nail knot with no problem; with the SA lines, a good sharp pull on such a knot will peel the coating off the monofilament core, making it necessary to use some other method of attachment. The SA lines, though rated as intermediate, have a sink rate more like a Type 2 or 3 while the Cortland lines are a true intermediate.
Ditto what Preston said. When I was shopping for a clear or clear-camo line, my fly shop recommended the Cortland line because they said it would hold a nail knot much better than the SA line. I've used my Cortland clear-camo line two years now without any problems, and it's definitely my favorite line. They can be obtained most anywhere, but I see Cabela's has them for $48, and that includes shipping and, of course, no sales tax.
I have a Wulf Triangle Taper clear intermediate for my 6-wt. Quite simply, the best casting line I have ever owned, and it seems to catch fish. A perfect saltwater-beach or lake line. It's a little pricey (aren't they all?), you have to use an albright rather than a nail knot, and I haven't had it long enough to vouch for its durability (lasted 1.5 yrs so far), but I can't recommend it highly enough.
The Hook & Hackle Co., 7 Kaycee Loop Road, Plattsburgh, NY 12901; www.hookhack.com sells Cortland 333 crystal clear intermediate lines in WF5I - WF9I for $33.95, and if you order online, you can deduct 20%. I have one, a WF9I, that sinks at approx. a Type 2 rate: more like slow-sinking than a true intermediate. It's clear-finish, like the Sci. Anglers "slime line."