The Yakima in march


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I am visiting Seattle for a couple of days and asked for help in finding some flyshop in Seattle in a other thread in this forum.
I just got several tips and learned that it is some swedes living in this area.
So now I have to try the fishing and take a look around.

I booked a cabin at Red's flyshop near the Yakima river for the second week in march.
Any tips and suggestion on flyfishing Yakima will be much appreciated.

Steve Joyce, at Red's is a super guy and will be able to help you ( ). He has drift boats there for rent and you can always wade fish. Jack Mitchell, of The Evening Hatch Fly Shop (see the front page of this site, as he is a sponsor) is another super guy with a lot of info on what's happening on the Yak.

Watch their sites for river flows and bug activity reports.

Good luck!


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Hej på dej! Valkommen till Yakima. The new wife is a Swedish descendant, and she's trying to teach me some Swedish before our trip to the old country to visit all the relatives for midsommer. We're living in Yakima, so maybe we could meet up for a little fishing. Second week of March could be before spring runoff. Blue winged olives and big stone flies could be the flies.


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Hej och tack :D
A great idea!
We are staying at Red's Flyshop 12/4 - 14/4.
You can reach us there or mail me in advance.
We will bring some pickled herring and aquavit for lunch so you can try it out before midsummer.