Lighting for Fly Tying

I'm new to fly tying and I am looking for a good fly tying light fixture. I'm not sure what to look for in a lighting fixture. Any advice is appreciated.
Hershey! Born there! If you have a Lowe's or Home Depot back there, check the lighting section. You should be able to find a desktop light with a magnafying(sp) glass which is inexpensive. Hit the Yellow Breeches for me.


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Hershey! Trained there! Take advantage of having Bob Clouser next door. I imagine he still puts on a great fly tying class (beginner and advanced). I bought one of those magnifying glass light combos when I lived there and I'm still using it over a decade later.
Ya to the magnifying glass/light combo.
My sweet little wife got me one a couple of months ago and I don't know how I lived without.
I still wear my reading glasses, but the eye strain is way less.
Making adjustments to keep your posture good is interesting.


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Having tied flies for 45 years and used many different types of lights for tying, I found the best is one of the daylight florescent lights with the 18 watt bulb. There are many of these on the market with those by Ott Lights being very common in craft stores and office supply stores. Hareline Dubbing has been offering a very good one through its fly shop dealer network that sells for around $90.00. This light has a magnifier included and is the best value I've seen in a light with a quality magnifier included. I'd be surprised if Yellow Breeches Fly Shop didn't have one of these in stock and I know that is just a short drive down the road from you (I grew up near Hazelton, PA). And I know that you aren't that far from the Cabella's just off the interstate in Hamburg, which carries the Hareline lamp.

You can find other florescent table or craft lamps at Home Depot and Lowe's and other home improvement stores. You can also find them at most office supply stores. Any florescent table, desk, or craft lamp will work provided you use a daylight florescent bulb in it and the 18 watt ones are best producing the same light output as about a 150 watt regular bulb without the heat.

The daylight florescent bulbs are wonderful to tie with because they mimic sunlight so you see colors as they truly are. The difference this makes huge when compared to standard florescent or incandesant light bulbs. The daylight florescent bulbs show detail to a much higher degree and as a result most of the time a magnifier is not necessary, even when tying midge sized flies.