3/10: Any Eastern Wa Reports From The Weekend?


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Since I had to work, wondering how folks did on the basin lakes this weekend. If you have a report, good or bad and wouldn't mind sharing it'd be nice to hear how the water temps and the fish activity are progressing in week 2.

Bob Rankin

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Hey paul the weather sucks. Im not sure about water temp, but its been windy and rainy. I was going to go out for a few days starting today but the weather is not looking good. I dont mind rain and snow its just that the wind is a show stoper for me. So im sitting here wondering what to do. iwont to fish!!!!!!!! Bob


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My son and I went for the weekend to scout the seeps since we have never fished them. Scouted the Gloyd area and some of the seeps below Potholes, as well as a little in the Desert Lakes area. Water levels were VERY low, but not knowing the area myself I don't know what that means. Must have to do with releases up above? I don't know. Anyway, we were tooling around the Gloyd area most of Saturday and the weather was pretty nice. Barely fished, lots of water that shows up on maps was bone dry earth in person. Lots. Sunday the weather sucked as has been said. We did the morning at Rocky Ford and then headed for the Potholes Seeps in the afternoon. Cold, Windy, Rain, Sleet, and (on the way home) snow starting just West of Ellensburg and a giant pile up just past Lake Kecheelus which had us stranded for 2+ hours before finally getting over the pass. Good weekend with my boy and lots learned about the area.

zen leecher aka bill w

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I was out "lake scouting" on Sunday afternoon also. Started out at 50 degrees in Moses Lake and when the hail storm blew thru up north of Moses Lake the temperature dropped to 35 degrees. Lake scouting ended.


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Fished Friday - Monday weather was good Friday, fishing for me was mediocre, fished 3 hours in the afternoon. Landed three and missed a couple. The weather turned worse on Saturday, very windy off and on, and in the evening there was a mass exodus from the parking lot. Mediocre fishing for me again, but both days I heard reports of twenty fish days. Water temp was 46 both days, and I didn't check temps on Sunday. I fished a little better on Sunday and the weather was unstable at best. It did calm down towards evening after everyone left. Monday was a little windy, but not bad. Water temp was 44 and I didn't hit anything the first couple of hours. Mid morning the bite picked up and it was game on. Chironomids and streamers both produce at times. I managed to land 3 fish around 20"+ during the the four days, Rainbow, Brown and El Tigre @ Le NIce. Met DP from the forum. Had lots of fun.Tom


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I fished Sat - Mon. Glad Slipstream noted the water temps, because I did not. The weather was all across the board for the weekend and so was the fishing. Arrive on Sat to blue skies and calm winds. Starting searching with the intermediate line and a bugger - no dice. Lots of people in the bowl in the NE corner of the lake by the inlet. I figured there must have been some luck there the day before. Continued to work the lake with various nymphs with no luck. Bottom of the lake is bare of any vegetation but the water was pretty darn clear. By early afternoon got to the back of the islands and starting seeing fish working the bottom and mid water levels so I changed to chironomids - game on for the next 1.5 hours. Landed a dozen nice fish in one location working the area. All nice bows to 20 inches and two tigers - both being about 21 inches. Big, head shaking brutes. Worked the bowl with a black nymph and picked up maybe two. Called it a day about 4:30 as the winds picked up and stayed in E-burg.
Sunday was breezy when we arrived. On the lake by 9ish. worked the shore line with no results again. Being the time change, I figured I wanted to be in the back islands by 11:00 to duplicate Saturdays results. Trolled the islands and picked up a couple on the black (like a hares ear with a collar). by 11:00 I was in the same place and worked the water for over an hour with two fish to show for it. The crowds were not in the bowl today, heck, not even on the lake - 8-10 people on the lake all day. Worked the bowl with the black nymph and continued to pick up fish on the intermediate line. All nice bows, no tigers. Wind and rain and clear skies -weird weather. trolled back to the launch with no success. Called it a day and stayed at Desert Aire. 14 fish
Sunday arrived with over casts skies, snow in the mountains and wind and rain on the coast. Not sure where I really wanted to be, so we went and fished our last day. No one in the lot except Slipstream and his posse.
Again trolled the shore line with nothing. But, got a fish and lost a nice one while trolling a bugger across the open water - go figure. Pretty slow day for me and kept thinking about the weather. My partner left the lake by noon so it was Slipstream and I left to duel it out. He got a few chiro fishing while I got a few stripping a callebaetis pattern and a AP emerger (think tan hares ear on steriods - it got me all my fish actually). I tried chiro fishing with Slipstream, but could not keep up with him. He (Tom) got a gorgeous tiger in spawning colors (I'll post what I have later) - every bit of the 21 inches he said. We fished till 3 and got off the lake.

Water could warm up a bit. Saw some great callibaetis hatches as well as others. Saw trout slurping. Could not figure out a consistent pattern for catching fish, so kept changing up with mixed results

Question: when the fish are slurping just below the surface, I am assuming they are taking the callibaetis nymph while it is in the water film. what fly pattern do you use to key in on these fish? Someone educate me.
I just an intermediate nymph trolling kind of guy.
Nice to meet and talk with you Tom. I hope our boats share the same water again in the future.

Scott Salzer

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There are midge hatches where they will slurp. I didn't see any callibaetis hatches on my recent trip but there was one heck of a midge hatch in the shallows I was fishing and there were slurpers.. A bit early for the callibaetis(?). Others would know better than me.
went to a secret lake and got 3 fish about 3 lbs each. the water was 41 degrees. i broke my new glx in on the fish. what a cannon. it might be the 40 plus line . we were the only people on the lake. mike w