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So for all of you hardcore's out there, rule heads and Stilly Lovers, Please not the following:
Driving down the Stilly from fishing all day way out in the woods I drove down the stilly en route to I-5. After passing Fortsom, C-post etc etc, I wanted to see if any fish were in the water, I pulled over to that "Pull Over" where the sweet "In Memory of" sign and board are (I am sure all of you will jump in with the name of that "Hole" or "run", however, I get out to look at the water when 3 heads come stomping back to their car saying "Don't even go near the water unless you want a ticket" So, I swig on my beer and say "Huh" they reply with "Yeah dude, we JUST got a $300 ticket each man, just for being in the water" I follow with another swig of my beer and a more complex multi syllable "Hu-uh?" They reply with "Yeah dude, you go near that water the sheriff over there will get ya". So, I jump in my car, head over to the fella's in uniform, crush my beer can, hide the flask, make SURE that is a cig behind my ear and pull up next to the Snohomish Co. Sheriff, Park Ranger and Game Enf. Officer. I ask what they cited those drips for, they tell me that "those drips" were IN the water chasing salmon, throwing rocks, running them onto the shore and otherwise. So they were cited for "HARASSMENT OF SALMON" Which carried a fine of something...I was to busy checking out the chicks in bikin's to confirm the fee! So, I gave a little "Golf Clap" to the fella's, offered them a beer which they denied and went on my way! So, the moral of this story is.....DON'T CHASE SALMON ON THE STILLY! I post this due to the fact sooooooooooo many of you heads cry about people "bothering" the fish in our rivers, this let's you know that there are people NOT sitting in front of their computer eating cheetos, drinking diet Dr. Pepper and spitting "Armchair Enforcement" to others. Take a relax guy, people are getting caught! It's but a matter of time before more do! Now go eat your cheetos!

I’m glad to hear of the fine. The first year I fished in this state was 2000. I was horrified at what I saw on the Still where the south and north fork of the Stilly come together. Yahooooo f***ing Eh its about time.
I did not know about fish harassment until I moved to Alaska. I was fishing the Willow for silvers and dogs and my lab was fishing for pinks. She would go in to the water and snatch one up and haul it out of the water. I was told that this was fish harassment and I should chain my dog or teach her not to do that particular activity. I tied her up close to me and that was it.
Anyway good, for the officer, I hope he/she tickets more people for harassment, deliberate snagging and keeping snagged fish.

Sisu, its what America needs:rofl


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It's nice to hear a good story about enforcement and having idiots like that actually getting a fine!

BTW SAK, I was checking out your site last night and really enjoyed the pics and info! Do you have a show or video of your adventures of being a trout bum? Just curious!

Bill :smokin