3-9 Pass Lake in The Snow


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I decided to play hooky today and headed on out to Pass Lake. I arrived at 7:30 and was not surprised to find that I had the place to myself. I started trolling buggers around and instantly rewarded with about an 11 inch bow. For the first hour it was lights out…4 fish to hand with the largest being about 17 inches. I continued to troll till 10am and caught 2 more smaller 10-12 inch bows then decided to call it a day. The wind and snow didn’t make it too much fun in my tube but the fishing was sure great considering the conditions. The drive back on up Bellingham on the other hand was a little dicey with a couple of cars flipped over on I-5. Once the weather warms up a little bit I’ll be back out there for sure. Maybe this weekend!?!?! Tight lines ya’ll.


By the way… just wanted to say thanks to all the cars and trucks that honked at me while being out there. It gave me a little encouragement and motivation while I was wondering wtf I was doing there to begin with. Lol, if it was anyone one on the board I’d love to know.


Ed Call

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SA, sorry to hear that your feeling a bit under the weather today. I'm glad that you had a chance to stay home from work and try to work through what ails you. It seems that you started your day with a little lap dancer, had some great views, another even longer lap dancer and then topped it all off with some revitalizing refreshmetns. I'm glad to read that you are safe and sound well recharged for tomorrow's challenges. Awesome report, and likely the hard core award of the day.


Damn good for you!!! I wimped out on my river trip and talked to a fellow who was supposed to go tomorrow and canceled because it was too cold...Gonna call him and give him crap right now!!!! :thumb:
Thinking about heading out again tomorrow morning...... Anyone wanna joing me?
Bring a drill and something to sit on :clown:

Not sure but you could see a bit of ice by tomorrow morning, at least in places. Hopefully 2nd cove and point area will be ok...they get the most sun.


Keepin' It Reel
Bring a drill and something to sit on :clown:QUOTE]

Hopefully I don't have to, but hell...I'm up to the challenge. Anyone that can or wants to hit it up tomorrow I'll probably be out there by 7:30 or 8am.

Zane, Common brotha, you know this offer is tempting......lets hit it up!!!