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    Dennis Triang just completed his goal. It took him 10 years to catch an IGFA
    (International Game Fish Assoc.) US Freshwater State Record in each of the 50 states. Best for last... wearing an Aloha Shirt bought special for the occasion, Dennis caught a 1 1/2 pound largemouth on 12# test.

    A 5 1/2 pound peacock bass on 12# test.

    And a 4 1/2 pound peacock bass on a fly rod (20# tippet)

    Each fish must be weighed on a certified scale while standing on shore.
    Can't be standing on the boat.
    It must be measured, length and girth. Photos of the fish, angler with fish, measurement, and tackle.
    Then you fill out all the paperwork, get the signature of witnesses,
    and mail it along with a line sample and processing fee ($45) to IGFA in Florida.

    If everything checks out, in about 2 or 3 months... you get your record.

    Dennis isn't new to record catches. He holds 68 World Records and 48 State Records. (Alaska and Hawaii are now pending) His wife Maria holds a World Record, son Jonathan holds one, and daughter Zoe, age 4, has 2 World Records.
    Here is his web site... www.mahiexpress.com

    I have to tell you, fishing for a world record in a whole different ball game. Lots of hard work in addition to ones fishing skills. It was a pleasure fishing with Dennis and Maria.
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    Interesting story. Thanks for sharing. Never really knew what went into that. Though I have to admit not really grasping the excitement of having a record like a pound and a half bass on a certain tippet. But, to each their own. Pretty lofty goal and impressive he was able to stick with it that long
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    That's cool. But, I don't understand how any of those can be records on such heavy test/tippet? Is it that it fits under a specific category that no one bothered to record before?
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    pretty sure the point of that line class record is to catch a fish significantly HEAVIER than the tensile strength of the line. still sounds like a fun personal goal, but i suspect that if a 1.5 lb bass sets the record for a 12lb line class, its an indication of the irrelevance of the line class relative to that species. makes you wonder why the igfa even established those classes? more application fees coming in?

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