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I don't see many fly fishers on the beach (maybe you're all waiting for pinks) but I've made two trips out into the Kitsap Peninsula, Area 9 beaches and have had a terrific time. Last Monday, on two different beaches, using a pink #2 beach popper, I landed 5, lost 4 at the hand and had many many follows. This morning, in a blustery, rainy dawn, me and three friends landed a total of 5 coho and lost or missed a bunch in the two hours we fished before catching the ferry back to the shop. Todays coho were all unmarked and between 4 and 6 pounds. Man, do I love July coho who are driven to do nothing but eat!


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Sounds like a great day, I'll admit Im kind of waiting for the pinks since they are close to my house. I also have not been out due to bad tides not to mention I dont live in that good of an area for coho or cutties.


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Leland, Thanks for the frequent updates and motivation to get out to the beaches! Looks like I need to get out soon!

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no need to spill the secret Honey Holes (Honey Beaches?), but were these 2 beaches Point-no-point and Eglon, or other locations? I've hit up PNP a few time recently with some nice coho action. Have yet to tie on the coho poppers I tied the other night.

i was planning on going to area 9 beaches on sunday, but woke up to rain and went back to sleep. that appears to have been a terrible decision :beathead:
I was out in the boat in Area 9 and I hit a dozen 4-6lb coho in two trips. I fished for 5 hours on Saturday and 2 hours on Sunday. This is my fourth season fishing the salt and it is easily the best I've ever seen it for coho. I'm headed back out tomorrow! I would not be fishing anywhere else right now.

Awesome day today on the Kitsap Pen. My buddy and I hooked multiple times and witnessed a dude landing a HUGE 20lb king on the beach, even better it was a hatchery, so he was able to take it home.

This might be the best year yet for all species, yet to get into some summerrun though.
I would like to take this thread off shore. In MA 9 what are your favorite ways to locate coho off shore (from a boat)? Covering lot of rips (characteristics of good rips?) or going to established areas?
Thanks to all who reply
If Beersmith's pictured is from today, I'm the boat in the background. I like to find fish away from the established beach crowd. Nice Pic