12+ HOUR report for whidbey for monday

took the second ferry over in the morning and started at bush point with 50 buzz bombers as company. they look at ya like you just escaped from the zoo:) anyways , after watching for a10 minutes i knew i could cast with the best of 'em. started peeling out line on the 6/7 spey and did a roll cast to get the head out, one guy says " you cant catch any fish this close in" , 3 seconds later after the overhead lift they dropped their jaws:) had a good time talking with the guys and they gave up some spots on whidbey i never even knew about, ofcourse you can look at a map, but from the horses mouth is always good, so took some mental notes, moved up to fort casey, say another guy w/ a single hander, we were fishing an insane rip current but nadda to show, picked up and moved south again to a couple spots and then my buddy called around 1ish and im heading to possesion pt. to jump in the boat. need i say anymore:) if your in a boat and cant get fish thats pretty sorry! got into a hatchery coho that was about 18in. let him go i dont know why? then a sea lice infested src that was lookin pretty healthy, at this point my buddy who slangin gear says hes interested in flyfishing:) he didnt think you could catch fish that close to shore, he wanted 80 to 100 feet deep i wanted no more then 20, he agreed and we caught fish he got into more rockfish then salmon, even a small ling. ata bout' 7ish boats were coming from every direction, one other flyguy trolling a streamer was gettin hook ups and the other boats were hookin up about every 10 - 15 minutes with something as long as they were moving, the soakers were pullin dogfish after dogfish. had a great time on the water with my friend, soon after i was on the ferry togo back to the dogpound waiting for me:) honey was pretty upset i was out for so long. oh yeah , haha ...lots a bait around... GET SOME!
Dr. Brian, im using a Lamiglass 12.6ft 6/7 with a 450skagit and type 3 or t14 depending on current. get out there while its hot but not insane like it will be in 10 days or so.