Yakima R. 8/6/07

Fished the Yakima River with a friend on Monday. We hired Johnny Boitano from Red's to take us down in the Lower Canyon.

This was my first trip with a guide on a drift boat, and using Johnny was a blast. He is an outstanding guide who is passionate about fishing and taking care of his clients. If anyone else is looking for a good guide, I would highly consider Johnny.

We started fishing about 6AM using several hopper patterns along the river bank with some fish to the boat along with one or two misses. My friend Clay caught a nice rainbow that was in the 15 to 16" range along with several other fish between the two of us that ranged from 6 to 12" or so.

While Johnny was cooking our steaks for lunch at Red's, we saw a nice 18" rainbow surface a few feet from the bank. I tried to catch this one so Clay wouldn't out do me in fish size, but no luck. I would have to out do Clay when we got back on the river.

After lunch we fished above Red's with nymphs. On my first cast, I caught another rainbow. But still not big enough to out do Clay. It wasn't too long after that one though, that my time had come. I hooked into a brute.

Johnny dropped the anchor when he realized I had a good one on, but we didn't realize how good it was at this point yet. While I was fighting the fish, Johnny was getting the net and was getting a little worried since he couldn't get the net out easily this time since it got snagged on something. While he was getting the net, we saw the fish again and realized it was a lot bigger than we thought when we first saw it. I got the fish to the surface about 4 or 5 times, just for it to go back down to the bottom. I finally managed to get him up to the boat for Johnny to net and it turned out to be about 17 or 18".

Overall we brought about two dozen fish to the boat between the two of us along with one or two misses.

Once again, I would like to say thanks to a fantastic job done by Johnny and to Clay for inviting me on this trip. Johnny is a person, that after spending a day with him, you consider him a friend and can't wait to do another trip with him. And Clay, he already is my friend that I outfished again. Sorry Clay.

Attached are two photo's. One is Clay's biggest fish and the other is mine.


Itchy Dog

Some call me Kirk Werner
Hey Doug,

Nice report and excellent fish (you sure the one in the net you caught isn't bigger than 18?!). My brother and I fished with Johnny last month, and I echo your sentiments. He is a great guy and an awesome guide. Had an absolute blast fishing with him, and while we didn't get steaks, we did get a delicious sandwich and chips, and he got us into some nice fish as well, including this one that he claims was 19".
I must comment on Doug's report. I'm Clay, and I was in the front of Johnny's boat on Monday. Although, as the "senior citizen" on this float, I was afforded very little respect from these two "youngsters", it was still one SUPER DAY on the Yakima. I agree totally with Doug's assessment of our guide, because Johnny Boitano is a "class" guy. This is my second time with him, and I hope for many more! What intrigues me about Doug's posting is the fact that he didn't include a "posed" pic of his "monster", so I have. His was definitely "the fish of the day"! But there will be other days, right, or not? Later . . .